Mission & values

Our Mission

Our mission is something that has helped us to keep ourselves on the right track ever since we formed a team. It has also helped our employees as well as our customers to understand the company and its clear goals in detail. We as a construction company obviously aim to make progress in every possible sector of construction as any other construction company does but the want for progress just does not end here. Pashupati Shivajee Constructions aims to make overall progress in every field it works with minimum possible errors. With great achievements in construction, CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility), aiding for a better climate, and working for the betterment of the country and its people, Pashupati Shivajee Construction aims at the top for leaving a mark as the best construction company in the country by far.

The current climatic conditions in the country as well as the globe do not send a good message. Our team longs to change that as well and it is possible with everyone’s collective effort. Pashupati Shivajee construction welcomes any idea to change the deteriorated conditions of our environment and also is ready for a change anywhere necessary as it is we who need to take action now.
Obviously, the goal does not end here. There is always room for improvement and we at Pashupati Shivajee Constructions are ready to reach new heights each and every time. Everyone on the team is well aware of the chances of fulfilling the goals of the company and believes that it is possible with continuous hard work and trust. We will keep thriving till the end and will prosper in every field possible.

Pashupati Shivajee Constructions aims to establish itself as a reputed team motivated to take actions that are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Our Values

Pashupati Shivajee Constructions has remained a reputed construction company in Nepal for years. This was never possible without proper discipline, norms, and values. For us, having to carry the lovely burden of being a reputed company, it is always essential to follow certain norms and values which keep us disciplined and on a right track by complying with our own goals and with the existing laws as well.
We are more than happy with each and every one from the team as everyone has been able to co-operate with the strictly disciplined work environment and has managed to please our customers very well. Our team longs to meet each and every criterion of a well-managed construction company.

The existing work environment has helped us set a benchmark for other construction companies in the market as well. Properly specified values with proper execution seem to be fruitful both from a company as well as from an individual’s perspective.