Hydropower And Tunneling

Hydropower & Tunneling Projects

Being a country rich in natural resources, Nepal has plenty of water sources. With about more than 6000 rivers, we have the capability of producing 83000MW electricity from hydropower alone. Analyzing these qualities of the country, Pashupati Shivajee Constructions has been actively involved in the construction of Hydropower. We desire the progress of our country in every work we perform.

Simply using the flow of kinetic energy from flowing water and converting it into electricity is hydropower electricity. Using every material and type of machinery properly that lasts for years is our forte. We are more energized in works related to hydropower as our company is focused on sustainable activities that are good for the environment. Involvement in such activities will not only benefit the country and our customers but will also aid our company in helping to improve the environmental conditions of our country.

 Our team has proper experience in building hydropower, dams, tunneling, and similar structures. We are ready even to face any challenges during the work as we are confident about overcoming them.