Demolition And Repair

Demolition and Repair Projects

Pashupati Shivajee Constructions has involved itself in hundreds of Demolition and Repair projects. After the disastrous earthquake that took place in 2072 B.S. (2015 A.D.). We have involved ourselves in the reconstruction as well as demolitions of numerous residential buildings, schools, hospitals, and similar other structures. The experienced team we have offers good quality repair and maintenance work.

Located in ramechhap, Pashupati Shivajee Constructions had the chance to involve itself in demolition and repair projects. Not only the earthquake-affected structures but also we demolish, repair, and maintain any kind of structures all over Nepal. We have a separate team allocated for these projects as they excel in maintenance and repair because of the years of experience they carry in the same field. The importance of repair and maintenance has been understood by almost every Nepalese now as they have a clear knowledge of what happens with unmanaged structures after the earthquake.

Lastly, after analyzing the conditions of the country and the need for a repair company, we have made ourselves more active in the field. Do contact us for similar work.